The Nordic Region as a sustainable gastronomic region #NORDICFOOD2024


Food tourism has become an important component in the five Nordic countries’ tourism strategies. A vision workshop held at Copenhagen Street Food explored the future of Nordic food as an element of the region’s tourism and lifestyle. The potential is vast, as there are 120 million potential food visitors in Europe alone.

Green and clean region – sustainable food tourism
First and foremost, the region should enforce the image of a clean nature, healthy and sustainable foods and green growth. The bioeconomy’s principles of optimal use of resources and less food waste should be key in all destination development. Through fresh, local and organic produce and strong connections to nature, Nordic food tourism should strive to change the world.

Local and authentic in a global world
Nordic food should master the art of being local and global at the same time. Authenticity and intimacy are key words in developing Nordic food travel, and this will attract global attention. Food travellers seek authentic experiences, i.e. farm visits, small restaurants, food markets and cooking classes. This can be harvested by creating unique destinations, firmly rooted in the Nordic terroir.

Big data and digital dialogue
Digitalisation, big data and virtual tourism will become increasingly important. Marketing of the region will rely on use of big data to forecast travelling and tourism, and foodies will draw attention to Nordic food by sharing their experiences on social media. Virtual tourism will open a new world of opportunities, allowing people to experience destinations, restaurants, and even taste and smell from their own home. A region of strong technical competences, the Nordics should explore these possibilities and lead the way in the digitalisation of food tourism.

Momentum through collaboration
The Nordic countries must constantly explore new ideas, concepts and food events that could attract tourists and bring renewed energy to the successful Nordic food scene. Nordic Street Food is an example of a collaborative approach that has generated exponential growth and opportunities in tourism. Such innovation should involve different industries and interests from all layers of society.

New narrative about Nordic lifestyle
A new narrative should be developed for Nordic food to attract tourists to the region. Firmly rooted in the values embedded in the manifesto, i.e. respect for nature, sustainability and local quality, this narrative should also merge Nordic welfare, society and culture into the notion of a Nordic way of living. A stronger Nordic identity must be based on regional identity and domestic qualities.

Text by Páll Tómas Finnsson
Picture: New Nordic Food II

#NORDICFOOD2024 are a series of vision workshops, which will be about how far we need to go, to realise the vision of the Nordic kitchen in a number of selected areas in 10 years' time. The idea is to invite a group of leading players from across the Nordic region to discuss which activities and visions we should work on in the future, if a stronger Nordic food culture is to be an effective solution for future societal challenges. The vision workshop about The Nordic countries as a sustainable gastronomic region, was held on 8th December 2014 in Copenhagen. 

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