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New Nordic Food at The International Food Design Experience in New Zealand


New Nordic Food II project Food & Creative Industries has been invited to present its pilot projects, networking methods and notably the Nordic Sound Bite concept at The International Food Design Experience in Dunedin, New Zealand, on 2-4 July 2014.

The International Food Design Experience is a progressive forum where chefs, cooking enthusiasts, researchers and designers come together to explore cutting edge culinary arts. This year, New Nordic Food, alongside prominent speakers as Emilie Lucie Baltz and Chloé Morris, is invited to give a keynote presentation of Food & Creative industries’ work on how to design productive networks.

Project manager Elisabet Skylare will present the ways in which they have designed productive networks across various creative industries, such as music, film and fashion, with Nordic food and food design as a key element. The Nordic Sound Bite, a concept developed together with designer Nikolaj Danielsen, will be used as a showcase of the approach.

“The invitation is a great opportunity and an acknowledgement of our results. The International Food Design Experience is a highly relevant platform to promote New Nordic Food, and in particular our work on food as an art form and a creative industry in itself,” says Skylare.

The programme features a presentation of a new paper, ‘Nordic Sound Bite – redefining food design as pop-culture’ * and a studio session where conference delegates will explore the novel methods developed by Food & Creative Industries. Participants will get the opportunity to create their own version of a sound bite, based on the musical DNA of various bands.

“It will be a playful, cross-sensorial workshop where we invite the creative food designers and food enthusiasts to translate popular music into sound bites, using taste, aroma, consistency, shape, colour and live concert interaction,” says Danielsen.

The Nordic Sound Bite was originally created as a pilot project combining food design and music at Nordic culture festival Ja Ja Ja in London, which featured the best of Nordic music, culture and food. 

Picture 1: <media 968>Central elements in the design process_Nordic Sound Bite</media>
Picture 2:<media 969> Pop culture_Nordic Sound Bite</media>
(Pictures are available in high resolution after the conference on the 5th July)

The two presenters

Elisabet Skylare is Food & Creative Industries’ project manager. Through a variety of innovative pilot projects, she has placed the project at the forefront of gathering creative competences at new platforms and in new constellations.

Nikolaj Danielsen is a production designer from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Since 1998, he has worked with food as a means to tell stories and developed a large range of innovative food, meal and restaurant concepts, including Madelaines Madteater and Zonen for Madkultur.

* ABSTRACT: Nordic Sound Bite - Redefining food design as pop-culture In this paper we describe the process and method for developing the concept Nordic Sound Bite. Based on the idea of a playful cross-sensorial collaboration between music and food, bands are partnering up with food designers creating a culinary experience corresponding to the identity of the band. When food and music is co-designed to strengthen the concert experience, food plays a more artistic role than it usually takes. Food design in this context can strengthen the existential experience of being and being together. The findings are based on the initial Nordic Sound Bite presented at the JaJaJa Festival in London, November 2013. The musical DNA of the five bands; Mew, Sin Fang, NoNoNo, Sakaris and Kid Astray was translated into sound bites, and “served” to 5,000 festival guests. This is a pilot project that aims to create a position where food design can play a more strategic and powerful role than just being an add on to a meal.

Further information
Elisabet Skylare Project Manager, Food & Creative Industries New Nordic Food II, +45 2620 7579

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