New Nordic Food join forces with Nordic Design and Innovation Week in Shanghai to strengthen the Nordic food brand


On the first week of November, Shanghai will be buzzing with Nordic design and innovations. In a joint effort, the four Nordic Royal Consulates are presenting a programme of seminars and workshops around design, addressing issues such as how design methods can be used as a driver of change and how design processes can help sustainability. The New Nordic Food II programme will be present to highlight the innovative New Nordic cuisine.

On the opening night, Swedish chef Tareq Taylor, from the TV series Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery will create a Nordic version of the traditional Asian noodle soup, using sustainably grown vegetables and Norwegian seafood.

On the following day, project manager Charlotta Ranert from the New Nordic Food II programme, together with Tareq Taylor, will host a master class on the Nordic kitchen. 200 guests from the media, the catering industry and foodies are invited to a journey through the Nordic larder, with a focus on Norwegian seafood.

Later that day, Nordic food meets Nordic men's fashion in Nordic Fooshion where Danish menswear label Soulland and food designers I'm a Kombo will be pitching innovative food design against one of Scandinavia's most promising men's fashion brands.
"A cross-creative collaboration between New Nordic Fashion and New Nordic Food makes it possible to showcase that the Nordic countries are frontrunners in both sustainable fashion and food", says Elisabet Skylare, project manager for Food & Creative Industries, New Nordic Food II programme.

The 3rd November is Nordic Fashion Day and New Nordic Fashion, the communications programme under Nordic Fashion Association arranges a whole day around different aspects of the Nordic fashion industry. Danish food designers I'm a Kombo (Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard) showcases Control + Coincidence a presentation on food and textile. Nordic taste bites are served during the event.

For program and pictures, see the project´s webpage.

Further information:
Charlotta Ranert, project manager, New Nordic Food II, charlotta@charlottaranert.s
Elisabet Skylare, project manager, New Nordic Food II, elisabet@If you can see this, please update your  
Bettina C. Lindfors, Communications advisor, New Nordic Food II, bettina.c.lindfors@If you can see this, please update your, +358 (0) 50 599 5244

Facts: The overarching purpose of PURE NORDIC: Nordic Design and Innovation Week in Shanghai is to strengthen the branding of the Nordic area as innovative, design-focused and sustainable. During the week an exhibition will showcase Nordic design, and innovation in food, fashion, service design and industrial design. In addition a range of workshops, master classes and networking events will take place.

New Nordic Food II is a communication programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers that promotes Nordic food in the region and internationally. NNF II runs in the period 2010-2014. NNF II focuses on improving meals in homes and institutions, strengthening children’s food culture and encouraging local food production and use of food when promoting the region. NNF II sees gastronomy as a valuable creative industry and promotes cooperation with other Nordic creative industries. Nordic food products, taste, health and attractive surroundings are fundamental in all activities within New Nordic Food II. 

Picture: NDIW 2013

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