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Final report of New Nordic Food II: The emerge of a new nordic food culture


New Nordic Food (NNF), based on the New Nordic Kitchen Manifest, has strived in the last eight years to raise the profile of the Nordic cuisine and the meal experience both in the Nordic Region and internationally. Since the signing of the kitchen manifest, New Nordic Food has evolved into a Nordic social movement. Today, the challenge lies in taking that movement to a new level, so that the Nordic Region can become one of the most outstanding and innovative food regions in the world.

During the last mandate period 2010– 2014, New Nordic Food II (NNF II) was assigned the task of managing various projects to highlight the possibilities that exist in the new Nordic cuisine. The Nordic Council of Ministers’ globalisation initiative Culture and Creativity has also permeated the work of NNF II, amongst other things through the project KreaNord. This report presents the results of all the projects carried out over the last five years.

The activities in the program have attracted considerable attention and this has generated a process of change within the food sector. It promotes regional products while using them in new ways. Within the scope of meals served in public institutions, there has been a successful launch of a discussion on how to improve both the nutritional status and the taste. Work with the Food & Children project has increased the level of knowledge in food education. The Nordic Region as a gastronomic region has attracted attention. Even internationally, Nordic food has drawn attention in a creative way. A good example is Street Food, which NNF II raised to a new level by making Nordic fast food from local raw material.

It is also interesting to read the interviews that New Nordic Food has done with some of the chefs, where they reflect over how much has happened since they signed the Nordic Kitchen Manifest (see page 66 in the final report). One of the reasons for this success is that the steering group entrusted the working groups and project managers to interpret their respective assignments in their own way, rather than having a controlling approach. This meant that the work has developed with great inspiration and creativity. This way of working, giving this freedom, also requires proving support and inspiration from the steering group. This is a balancing act that can always be improved. In future programmes we hope that the work to maintain creativity and inspiration will continue and that co-operation with the secretariat will intensify. How then can we move on? Can the Nordic Region continue to attract the same attention in the world; in the domestic kitchen, in restaurants and in the public kitchen? Can Nordic food emerge in completely new contexts?

Read the final report of New Nordic Food II 2010-2014 " The emerge of a new Nordic food culture". 

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